Managing And Generating Innovations for Community Services

MAGICS an NGO founded in 23 May 2015. In the beginning the humble intention of the organization was to develop creative projects that are remedial, sustainable and replicable .

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What is MAGICS?

MAGICS an NGO founded in 23 May 2015 registered under trust act (Reg no IV 32/2015). In the beginning the humble intention of the organization was to develop creative projects that are remedial, sustainable and replicable .

MAGICS started its activities by conceptualizing , developing and implementing projec t s for corporates in their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, During the course of growth MAGICS developed projects for leaders in education, health care, public sector, research ,counselling, tribal development programs.

MAGICS then got into implementing managing and monitoring different projects for the clients and other collaborators, presently MAGICS is having self-developed projects and also projects in collaboration with Government Organizations and Non Government Organizations, further more MAGICS extents its consultation services to different projects and training programs. In MAGICS we believe a magical transformation of the community with in a year or two.


Managing And Generating Innovations for Community Services

Elder Line

Elder Line is a confidential, 24x7 free help-line for older people across the Ernakulam District works 24hrs throughout the year. Specially trained help-line staff offer information, friendship and advice, link callers to local group and services, offer regular befriending calls. Elder line offers protection and support for those who are suffering abuse and neglect.

Age Friendly College

Age friendly college is an innovative program under University of 3 Age (U3A), which facilitates life long education for senior citizens through established age friendly colleges in Ernakulam district. U3A focuses on vocational training program, promotion of IT enabled features for elderly persons .

Senior Taxi

Senior Taxi is an innovative program of MAGICS, which aimed to transform public transporting system to make age friendly district as part of Mission age friendly Ernakulam. This project encompasses selected auto-taxi drivers who will be given training for elderly care and basic life support. To promote mobility among elders in the city


G-tourism is a creative program of MAGICS, designed to give relief and entertainment to senior citizens from their routine tedious living habits as part of Mission age friendly EKM. G-tourism rises a platform to bring together all the senior citizens of EKM district to visit some of the important tourist places of India and make their flight journey possible once in their life time, with the support of IMA trained volunteers in health care and tourism.

Senior Sports Meet

Senior Sports Meet is an innovative program initiated by MAGICS, emphasising to alter the monotonous lifestyle of senior citizens through socialization and participation in athletics as part of Mission age friendly Ernakulam


I CARE is a program undertaken by MAGICS in collaboration with IMA, setting it's goals to detect early diabetic retinopathy and treatment for senior citizens. I care also aim at identify learning disabilities in children for interventional references .


GOTHRA is a project designed for the holistic development of different Tribes in Kerala. In GOTHRA project the focussed areaa are Education, Health, Conservation of Tribal tradition and Economical Upliftment through tribal youth self help groups


MAGIC DREAMS is a Social Startup Support project designed to promote innovative and creative ideas in Social welfare field, to give advice and instruction for the registration of new NGOs and NPOs and providing them office facilities. Presently 13 registered NGOs are working with MAGICS Startup Support.


Community Response to Emergency & Disaster (CRED) is a community based participatory model in managing emergencies including medical emergencies, accidents and disasters. CRED program educates volunteers about disaster preparedness for the hazards that may impact their area and trains them in basic disaster response skills such as fire safety, light search and rescue, team organization, and disaster medical operations.